Dear Students,

Your voice deserves to be heard. Did you know that only about 37 percent of U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in the last presidential election? We would like to urge you to register to vote, and to actually vote in this fall’s general elections.

Cal Poly recognizes the need for responsible citizenship. Part of this responsibility includes the necessity to participate in federal, state, and local elections because our democracy depends on its citizens to vote.

Please refer to the below links for information on the upcoming elections and on how to register to vote:

County of San Luis Obispo Elections Dept – (You may also call them at 805.781.5228)
California Secretary of State –
Student Voting Guide for California -°©‐ U.S. Election Assistance Commission -°©‐
Long Distance Voter –
Rock The Vote –
The League of Women Voters –
Smart Voter –
Declare Yourself –

STUDENTS WHO LIVE IN RESIDENCE HALLS: Make sure that you include the name of your residence hall and your room number in your address when you register to vote.

OUT‐OF-STATE STUDENTS: You may register to vote either at your college address, or at your hometown or parent’s address. If you register at your hometown address and want to vote while attending college, you must remember to request an absentee ballot at least 30 days before the Election Day (November 6). Check with your state election board for the exact deadline.

Finally, the deadline to register to vote in California is October 22 (other states might have different deadlines, see This means that your voter registration form must be received or postmarked by this date.



Office of the Registrar