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March 26, 2012

Contact: Stacia Momburg

Committee to Advise on Cal Poly Student Success Fee Spending Priorities

SAN LUIS OBISPO – An 11-member committee, with seven student representatives comprising the majority, will advise the university on spending priorities for the recently approved Student Success Fee, Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong announced Monday.

Throughout the advisory process on the proposed Student Success Fee, Armstrong said an advisory committee would be formed that would include a majority of students with representatives from each college. Armstrong appointed as co-chairs of the committee Kiyana Tabrizi, the current ASI president, and Larry Kelley, vice president for administration and finance. The balance of the committee will include six additional students selected from the ASI Board of Directors, two members from Academic Affairs, and one from Student Affairs.

Committee representatives from Academic Affairs will be selected in consultation with the provost, working with the chair of the Academic Senate. The Student Affairs representative will be selected in consultation with the vice president for Student Affairs.

The committee also will have two non-voting members – one from Academic Affairs and one from Administration and Finance – who will serve as support staff to gather relevant data and provide analysis as requested by the voting members.

“ASI is the only campuswide elected representative body for students,’’ Armstrong said, “and every student who is required to pay the fee is represented by ASI. So I felt this was the fairest way to ensure broad representation from the student body.

“I’m strongly urging committee members to develop a thoughtful process to reach out as broadly as possible to all students, as well as student groups and organizations to ensure that the entire Cal Poly community has an opportunity to be heard.”

Typically, the committee members will be appointed during spring quarter for service in the following academic year. But for the initial year, the committee will meet and deliberate this quarter in order to give advice on how the Student Success Fee revenue will be spent in the 2012-13 academic year.  Members of the committee are expected to be named by the middle of April.

The fee, which will be phased in over three years, is expected to generate $8.6 million for 2012-13. The fee will be $160 per quarter beginning fall 2012, then rise to $210 per quarter beginning fall 2013 and $260 per quarter beginning fall 2014.

Approval of the fee came after a month-long advisory process that culminated in a Feb. 29 student advisory vote. Of 33 student groups that gave formal endorsements, 32 favored the proposed fee. In the advisory vote, with 38 percent of students participating, 57 percent of voters favored the fee.

“In showing their support for this fee increase, our students once again demonstrated that they value quality and are willing to pay for it,” Armstrong said. “We regard our students’ approval of the fee as a statement of their trust in Cal Poly, and we promise to do everything in my power to merit that trust.”

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