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Feb. 29, 2012

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Cal Poly Students Conclude Advisory Process on Student Success Fee

SAN LUIS OBISPO – As part of a multi-pronged consultative process, Cal Poly students on Wednesday concluded a month-long advisory process on a proposed Student Success Fee that, if implemented, would increase the cost of attending the university by $260 per academic quarter.

University officials announced the results of Wednesday’s online advisory vote in which 57 percent of students voted in favor of the increase while 43 percent opposed, with a total of 7,622 votes cast. The vote was one part of a process that also included in-person consultation with more than 6,000 students who heard presentations on the fee. In addition to the advisory vote held Wednesday, 32 student groups submitted formal endorsements supporting the proposed fee increase; one group opposed the fee.

In an e-mail to all students Wednesday night shortly after the votes were tabulated, President Jeffrey D. Armstrong wrote that he would report back to the students on next steps after he has reviewed an analysis of the voting results and read the formal endorsements supporting the fee.

Armstrong thanked the students for their efforts to become informed about the fee and wrote: “I know that many of the faculty and staff join me in expressing gratitude for your support of Cal Poly, and we are all determined to make sure you receive an excellent education in return for your investment.”